Green Tips.


Starting your green journey and taking the first step can sometimes be very confusing and scary. Where do you start?

Remember - take small steps. Choose 3-5 things and get the hang of it first. As soon as you feel you can do more, choose another few things to add to your journey.

And the good news is - to 'go green' does not mean it's expensive! There are loads of things you can do that does not cost a thing!  E.g.

1. REDUCE: Try and use less. Save water, save our natural resources. 

Switch off the lights when you leave a room. Electricity is one of the biggest CO2 creators of all. Also start by switching to energy efficient lighting. Recycle your old bulbs responsibly.

Save water! E.g don't leave the tap open while shaving or brushing your teeth. Shower and keep it short, instead of filling a whole bathtub with water. Fix all leaking taps. WATER IS OUR MOST VALUABLE RESOURCE.


Reuse things like newspapers, containers like milk bottles, yogurt tubs, glass bottles, plastic or paper bags, etc. Trash ends up at our landfill which poisons our soil, animals and water.

Rather fix something instead of just buying a new one. E.g clothing, accessories, appliances, furniture etc.

We live in a world that got use to consuming excessively and we forget that our environment struggles to keep head above water with our bad habits.


After you have tried to REDUCE and REUSE, Start recycling. Try it. You wont believe how much less you put out your trash on Tuesday mornings. It's scary! Paper, plastic, metals, glass and e-waste. For your nearest drop-off site go to these sites:

  • http://  (paper)
  •  (plastic)
  •  (cans)
  •  (electronic waste)
  •  (Tetrapaks - milk and juice cartons)
  •  (for your nearest Drop-off)
  • ( Food Waste Recyclers)

Lots more can be done to start your journey on supporting a greener, healthier lifestyle for you, your family, your pets and the environment. Go check out these green sites for more info:


   DID YOU KNOW: Shocking facts, i am sure most of you did not know.

  • About plastic (Polystyrene, PVC and polycarbonate) - Do not cook your food especially in a microwave and store fatty foods or drink warm drinks in plastic or polystyrene containers as toxins called Xeno-estrogen's (environmental hormone disruptor mimicking estrogen's in the body) leaks out into your food or drinks. Xeno-estrogen's are stored in body fat and can cause Breast Cysts, Breast Cancer, infertility problems, early puberty, and more.
  • Xeno-estrogen's are found in plastics like baby bottles and water bottles, cling wrap, polystyrene, pesticides, shampoos (e.g parabens), growth hormones fed to livestock which is stored in their fat, household cleaners, etc.
  • Read more on toxins in plastic:
  • Read more on Xeno-estrogen's:
  • About Toxins in skincare products - The skin care or personal care products you and your family use every day may contain chemicals linked to infertility, birth defects, cancer and other health problems. Did you know that the average woman uses about 12 personal care products every day.
  • These toxins are found in our make-up, lotions, washing powder, sun screen, perfumes, air fresheners, shampoos, toothpaste, feminine products like tampons (dioxin, a carcinogen, is a by product of the bleaching process of cotton used for tampons), and most baby products.
  • Our skin absorbs up to 60% of what you put on it and your babies skin even more.
  • Read more on toxins in skincare:  


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